About me 

From 1999 to 2001 Chris was a member of an all male dance company, Positive Action. In that year Chris completed the BTEC Diploma Foundation Studies (Art and Design) at Isle College. In 2004 Chris completed the BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre at Laban and later that year started as the Graduate Assistant in Audio Visual (AV) & Information Technology (IT). In 2005 he became the IT/AV Advisor for Laban and left in 2008 to become IT/AV Advisor for CILASS, then Teaching Technology Supervisor for CiCS learning and Teaching at The University of Sheffield. Chris has presented his own choreographic and film work in a number of venues: Deptford X, Greenwich Film Festival, AbunDance (Sweden) Choreographic Captures (Germany) and VideoDance (Athens) are just a few of many. Chris has also been commissioned as a dance film-maker and lighting designer for a number of artists, and in collaboration with Louise Pembroke, has sold over 500 copies of 'Dedication to the Seven' & 'Catatonia' (Choreographed and performed by Louise Pembroke) to MIND Publications

Chris is now focusing on his dance film-making productions and has led intensive practical workshops in archiving studio practice (using film as the main medium) at Central School of Speech and Drama and Laban in London and dance film at The Brit School, London.

Chris is always open to new commissions and is looking to widening his work on archiving practice and the importance of documentation to the Arts and Social Sciences within the University sector.

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