Film related

'Dedication to the Seven' and 'Cataonia'

"I am very grateful to Chris Clow who kindly agreed to film it - his cinematography is exquisite."

Louise Pembroke, Choreographer & Mental Health Activist, London 

"These DVD’s are a remarkable testimony to the qualities of healing of the art of the dance … Such considerations may enlighten an audience and deepen their appreciation of this layered and beautifully filmed compositions ... The combination of these components produces a package that carries quite a punch." 

Linda Ashley, Senior Lecturer in Dance, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Choreography related 

'In a place of uncertainty'

" was quickly outshone by Clow’s work which is extraordinarily good. Technical limitations removed the very evocative film that had accompanied it at the Place but this simply focused more attention on the outstanding performances of the three charismatic dancers (Lauren Aizlewood, Andrej Gubanov and Minami Tamagawa). The work explores lingering fragments of a lost love and performed in such an intimate setting it was convincingly emotional, tugging at our own distant memories of such memories. Having seen this now twice in very different circumstances I would happily see it again tomorrow. Like the memories it invokes, it’s a work that deserves to live on, especially in such capable and sensitive performers."

Review by Graham Watts, Ballet Magazine

Teaching related 

Archiving Studio Practice workshop 2009

"I was really impressed by the feedback Chris was giving to the performers/performance makers who shared part of their work. He was very generous and detailed in his comments which I believe has enabled them to see their process from a different angle."

Vasiliki Papadelli, MAPPR student, Central School of Speech and Drama, London

"Chris, the IT/AV Advisor was extremely knowledgeable and intent that we should not only use the best equipment, but properly understand exactly how it worked and the merits of alternative approaches.

I would like to offer the CILASS team (Chris Clow in particular) a big thank you and encourage anyone else interested in using audio visual equipment to contact them for help and advice."

James Kenyon, 6th Year M.Arch (Architecture student), The University of Sheffield

"Thank you for the wonderful help you have given me... I was so grateful that you.. explained how to use them and made sure they were in good working order for us.  Thank you for all your kind help.  I judge you gave us 'excellent service'."

Marion Meridith, Policy and Programme Assistant, Faculty Learning and Teaching Support, The University of Sheffield

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